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Metabolic Balance®


Weight loss isn’t just about shedding pounds fast — it’s about transforming your body and your mind to help you lead a happier, healthier lifestyle in the long-term. If you’re looking for a diet plan supported by medical science that can help you reach these goals, you may want to consider Metabolic Balance®.

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What is Metabolic Balance®?

Metabolic Balance® is an all-natural nutrition and weight loss program designed to optimize health, bring balance to hormones, and promote successful long-term weight management. Each Metabolic Balance® plan is personalized and developed by a Metabolic Balance® certified coach based on a detailed analysis of your blood values, medical history, and taste in food. This program involves absolutely no injections, no pills, no shakes, no calorie counting and no prepackaged foods — just a guideline of natural, healthy foods you can eat.

How Does it Work?

This program works by balancing your “body chemistry” with the optimal “food chemistry”. On your own, your body is capable of producing all of the hormones and enzymes it needs to function; it only requires “building material” in the form of proteins, carbohydrates, and nutrients. Each individual nutrition plan focuses on the “building materials” that your body needs the most based off of your blood values and weight-loss goals.

This diet is also especially successful because it only includes foods that allow your blood sugar and insulin levels to increase at a much slower rate than they normally would. This slow release of insulin helps you avoid hunger and food cravings for a longer periods of time.

What are the Benefits of Metabolic Balance®?

The Metabolic Balance® program isn’t just about losing weight — it’s about leading a healthier, happier lifestyle. A year-long study conducted in 2010 revealed that following a Metabolic Balance® program plan can improve your blood chemistry and Health Rated Quality of Life (HRQOL). Most people who take part in this program report feeling more energized and less stressed on a daily basis. Eating healthy, natural foods that make up the Metabolic Balance® program can help you sleep better and improve your overall sense of physical and psychological well-being.

Am I a Candidate?

Virtually everyone is able to benefit from a Metabolic Balance® program plan — it doesn’t matter if you want to lose 200 lbs or 20, a healthier lifestyle can help you improve your overall quality of life! Even if you’re not interested in losing weight, a Metabolic Balance® can help you strengthen your metabolism and health.

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